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Titre du périodique The Tracker
Sous-titre du périodique Journal of the Organ Historical Society
Site de l'éditeur
ISSN 0041-0330
Parution Trimestriel
Année 2015
Mois Winter
Numéro 59/1
Table des matières William F. Czelusniak
From the Chairman. Forging Ahead. 5
James Weaver From the CEO. Thoughtful Giving. 9
Letters to the Editor. 10
Barbara Owen Contrasts and Colors. The Syracuse Convention. 12
Kimberly Marshall A Renaissance for the Organ Historical Society? 18
Edited by Marcus St. Julien Lynwood Farnam on American Organs. 21
Agnes Armstrong
Spectres of the Past. Seeking Cavaillé-Coll Organs in North America. 22
Articles of Interest from Organ and Other Journals Around the World. 38
News: Hilbus OHS Chapter. 38
Bynum Petty Archives Corner. What's Past Is Prologue. 40
Scot L. Huntington In the Tracker 50 Years Ago. 42
Minutes. 46
Reviews. 48
Obituaries. A. Graham Down; Thomas H. Smith. 50
Rollin Smith EndNotes. A Few Words from Mr. Audsley. 53
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