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Titre du périodique BIOS
Sous-titre du périodique Journal of the British Institute of Organ Studies
Site de l'éditeur
ISSN 0141-4992
Parution Journal of the British Institute of Organ Studies
Année 2014
Numéro 38
Table des matières William McVicker Introduction. 5
Ralph Downes The organ in the Royal Festival Hall, London. 12
William McVicker "The sight is amazing before a note has been heard".
A reception history of the RFH organ. 22
Mark Venning The adventure continues.50
Harrison & Harrison
The Royal Festival Hall organ: specification and pipe scales. 66
Barrie Clark The Visual History of the Royal Festival Hall organ:
to see or not to see? That was the question. 83
Andrew Scott
Examination of the voicing techniques employed in the RFH organ. 102
David Wickens
Examination of Raph Downes's organ-pipe scaling methods. 115
Andrew McCrea Organ music written for or inspired by the RFH organ. 134
Nicholas Prozzillo
To Baroque or not to Baroque: the RFH organ & the Orgelbewegung. 161
Relf Clark Gauntlett, Dixon & Downes. 174
John Rowntree
The RFH organ: its influence on performance of the organ repertory. 195
James Dalton Beginnings. 199
Guy Oldham A few odd memories from early days. 206
Dame Gillian Weir Memories. 208
Diana Atkinson The Art of Fugue. 212
John Brennan William Drake 1943 - 2014. 214
Book, Music and DVD Reviews. 220
Illustration Credits. 224

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